RB & Meadjohnson


利洁时&美赞臣的员工是公司成功的核心。 他们来自世界各地,在世界各地工作,在责任上茁壮成长,拥有所有权,直言不讳,并积极推动进步和行动。
他们行动迅速,在任何焦点的地方表现出色。 他们将想要在消费品历史上留下自己印记。 他们勇敢,专注,有动力地执行战略。 永远走得更远,更快更好。

RB & Meadjohnson

Size: 1500 Square meters

Location:B5F, Beijing Parkview Green BuildingParkview
Completion Date: On construction

Type: Design & Build 

The staff are at the heart of the company’s success. They come from all over the world and work all over the world, thrive on responsibility, take ownership, are straight speaking and have an intense drive to progress and action.

they act fast and are compelled to outperform wherever  focued. they bring together entrepreneurial people who want to make their mark on consumer products history. they execute their strategy by being brave, focused and driven. Always going further, faster and higher.

This is what we do in the design of our work environment,we do our best to provide them with the most comfortable and dynamic working environment.