KI 国际医疗家具展厅

项目大小:2800 ㎡








    会议室 走廊 核心筒核心走廊采用整体实木饰面,与白色烤漆饰面。地面采用,国际最新型水泥砂浆浇筑铺设技术,(整个地面工期为28天)白色和浅灰色砂浆流线对拼而成。此水泥砂浆为进口材料,施工用金刚砂铺设耐磨面层为进口安斯福。效果比常规的自流平高出N个档次,可以达到永久无裂纹的效果。



Size: 2800 Square meters
Location: Beijing Shang 8 Building
Completion Date: Nov.25th, 2016
Type:  Build

January 4, 2016 The project designer in50, the famous Canadian designer Waterson surgeon, to create an indoor garden as the theme of the exhibition hall, space moving form smooth. Immersive walking in the garden of the general comfortable. The lobby of the front desk shades of the combination of the garden sketch, equipped with internal circulating water system pond to form a central landscape.

      The front of the super large soft film ceiling, through the intelligent software to play dynamic blue sky and white clouds scene, echoed with the foreground landscape, showing a very shocking visual effects. Tea reception area individuals prefer the lobby behind the open tea room, large single-style bar table table, party, meeting arbitrary wayward. With the wall green wall perfect for a comfortable cafe effect. Show area designers use a large number of streamlined modeling, the case is difficult to see. Our engineering colleagues, with the design to overcome all kinds of problems, and ultimately to ensure that the schedule completed on time.

    Conference room corridor core tube core corridor with solid wood trim, with white paint finish. The use of the ground, the latest international cement mortar pouring laying technology, (the entire ground duration of 28 days) white and light gray mortar stream line fight from the fight. This cement mortar for the import of materials, construction with the installation of wear-resistant matte floor for the import of Ansifu. The effect is higher than the conventional self-leveling N grades, you can achieve a permanent crack-free effect.

    The case subversive construction process, congenital ceiling after the wall to do the ground. Cultural wall cultural wall display area, showing the KI American brand development history and designer and works of the story. Clever use of color transparent acrylic decorative designers with a large number of LED soft film design, people feel the outdoor sunny, indoor flowers pleasant. Welcome friends to visit, to experience a completely different international exhibition hall.